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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Kids are all dam raised unless bottle feeding becomes necessary do to lack of interest from the doe, poor milk production by the doe or too many kids for the doe to accommodate such as is the case with some triplet groups and with quadruplets.  Even when supplemented with bottle feedings all kids remain with their dams and siblings. 

The kids are socialized everyday and are friendly and use to being handled by the time they are ready to be weaned at 9 - 12 weeks of age.

Kids are introduced to solid foods, grains and hay, at 2 - 3 weeks of age and are eating well by the time they are weaned from their dam's. They will also be accustom to sampling pasture grasses and woody browse while out with the rest of the herd.

* All 2015 Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids are SOLD.

Please check back late spring/early summer 2016 for new Aisling Farm kids or check the courtesy listings page to see if "your" new goat is there! :) 

Procedures performed prior to kids leaving for their new homes include;

- Disbudding

- Castration of                   wethers 

- Tattoo identification

- Vaccination for            CD/T

- Initial Deworming

* Microchipping for permanent identification is available upon request for an addtional $15.00.         

* Doe = Female    Buck = Male   Wether = Castrated Male *