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Aisling Farm


Fresh eggs are collected daily from our free range flock which consists  of Ameracuna, Barred Rock ,Buff Orphington, Silver Wydotte, Barnvelder and Gold Sex Link hens. 

The flock gets plenty of exercise while foraging daily.  Chickens are omnivores by nature and enjoy hunting for insects, worms and the occasional gardener snake. They also consume fresh greens on their daily walk about and are given the garden surplus to round out their diet. 

Upon returning to the coop at dusk to roost for the night they have an evening snack consisting of rolled oats, cracked corn (in the winter only),black oil sunflower seeds and Kelp. 

During milking season, whatever goat milk is not used for soap or cheesemaking is given to the chickens by soaking pieces of bread with it or adding it to a yogurt snack. This is a special treat that they all coming running for!  


Eggs can be purchased at our roadside cooler for $2.50/dozen