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Aisling Farm


Buck Services for Nigerian Dwarf  & Pygora Does

All does being brought to the farm for buck services are required to have been tested negative for Johnes Disease, CAE and CL within 6 months of service date.

Any animal appearing to be in poor health will be turned away.

4H Goat Project Animals


Does available for lease to children whom are members in Warren County 4H clubs and in need of a project animal for the up coming year. 



Leasing a Project Animal

All animals will remain on Aisling Farm and a schedule and agreement will be made between Aisling Farm and the club member as to farm visitation time and expected duties of the club member in regards to their project animal.

Mentoring is always available in the areas of general animal husbandry, veterinary care, nutrition and compassionate care and nurturing of relationships between humans and animals.