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Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap

The Benefits to Using Soap Made with Goat Milk

Goat milk contains the essentials for keeping skin healthy and radiant; vitamins A,C, E some B vitamins, citric acid, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc. 

Goat milk is also high in alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid which rejuvenates skin.

Goat milk has a low pH which is close to the pH of human skin. This allows for better delivery of moisture and prevents dryness making it ideal for sensitive skin.

People that suffer from eczema often find relief when using products made from goats milk. 


The Soap Making Process

We make our soap using the cold process method which requires a cure time of 4 - 6 weeks but is well worth the wait for a nice hard bar that lathers well and lasts longer.

The addition of a variety of essential or fragrance oils adds a mild fragrance to the finished soap. We also add natural exfoliates such as oatmeal, ground juniper berries and various dried flowers or herbs to each batch.


Soap Shapes

Along with block molds which need to be cut to size after unmolding, we use several different individual shape molds from rectangular to round which give the soaps a more elegant look.


Soap Colors

We use natural botanical extracts to add color to the soap before molding.  A few of the colors that can be achieved in the cold process method using plants included; mossy green, deep red, mustard yellow, hues of blue to gray and a dark purple.

Essential Oil vs Fragrance Oil

At Aisling Farm we have decided to make a variety of soap scents using both essential oils and fragrance oils. 

Some individuals prefer not to use synthetic fragrance oils of any kind on their bodies and therefore choose essential oil fragrances.  These oils can also have additional beneficial properties in the way of mood enhancing, antiseptic properties and acne control to name a few.

Fragrance oils are "designed" in a laboratory and are purely for fun.  The scent varieties are endless and some can be so aromatic that just having a unwrapped bar on your bathroom or kitchen counter can make a room smell delightful!

Which you choose is a personal decision.  We use both in our home and have found that the soothing properties of the goat milk soap base remains the same regardless of whether an essential or fragrance oil has been used for scenting.

Soap is avaible for purchase at Treasure Grove Ranch Farm Boutique in Blairstown, NJ. Please call or email first to see what scents are available.  We also sell our handcrafted soap at different events that we attend throughput the year (please see "Calendar of Events").