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The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian Dwarves are a miniature dairy goat breed which has it's origins in West Africa.  They are very friendly, playful and naturally curious. Their small stature allows for easier handling and the ability to keep more animals on a smaller parcel of land as compared to their larger dairy counterparts.

Does generally mature to 17 -21" at the withers and 55 - 65 lbs by the time they are 2 years old.  Bucks can range between 19 - 23" at the withers and 75- 85 lbs when fully matured.


A Goat of a Different Color

Adding to their already BIG personalities the Nigerian dwarf has the unique characteristic of being born in a wide range of color variations with their coats ranging from solid to patterned. Their eye color can also be brown or china blue.


"A Mini Mighty Milking Machine"

In older times the goat was known as "the poor man's cow".  Today goat milk is gaining popularity due to the excellent nutritional value and easier digestibility as compared to cows milk.

The Nigerian Dwarf can produce up to two (2) plus quarts of milk per day making them the ideal personal milker for the average size family. The milk produced is higher in butterfat (6 - 10%) and protein then standard breed dairy goats and cows.